The First, wait second, wait third… fourth group project assigned

Posted By: IanThom
Posted On: October 8th, 2017
Attending: Cork Institute of Technology

Cork has been incredible so far.  I’m starting to finally navigate around the city without using the maps app on my phone, so I’m feeling like a native now.  Here at CIT or just school in general in Ireland, they don’t really use dates for assignments, but they use what week into school you are for the due date.  I am just finishing up my fourth week of school and have been assigned a multitude of work… especially group projects.  To be exact I have been assigned four group projects and each one is very different from the next.

In one group project, we first were assigned to run a fashion show, but after much consideration it was changed to running a winter lifestyle workshop.  In this workshop we will run the whole event for charity, and will have key note speakers on fashion, nutrition, fitness, make-up and beauty and overall styles. Along with the keynote speakers there will be food, coffee, tea and booths up for these speakers to answer questions and sell their products if they have any.

The next project is dealing with Kart Racing in Ireland.  It is not much of a sport here but they really want to push it to become one. Right now they have no marketing or brand image, therefore our goal is to really advertise and figure out ways on how to market the sport in a positive light.

For the third project we are working with Marymount Hospital and trying to figure out ways to fundraise for them since they are in some debt.  We are trying to market them and raise money for their hospital so they can keep serving the city of Cork as the best hospital in the south of Ireland.

And finally the fourth and final project is a case analysis on how change in a business can be positive and negative. We are analyzing the alterations in the bank AIB.  One of my group members worked there while putting in the online banking system so we are using that alteration to develop our case analysis.

As you can see very very business with school, but still enjoying the city of Cork and of course enjoying basketball as well.  A quick update on that, we are 5-0 and hope to stay undefeated as we play the Limerick Celtics next.  I love my teammates and am excited to stay on this undefeated track with them!

Thanks for reading, hope you all keep tuning in each week to see what I am up to next!!!

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