And so the Journey Begins…

Posted By: RebeccaRabiero
Posted On: September 10th, 2018

As we took the bus down to Dublin from Belfast I was so excited to get all settled into my new home. Arriving at the Airport Terminal my roommate, Simone, and I were picked up by our club coach. Not being aware that he was taking us straight to practice, oh boy did I die. It was great meeting the team, such lovely girls, but our coach made us run a lot and I wasn’t ready for all that. Finally we got to campus and got all settled in to our new apartment. We truly have such a great accommodation! Trinity campus is beyond beautiful and right as we walk out the main gate we’re right in the center of the city. It is very convenient since everything is walking distance.

Since school hasn’t begun yet we were able to walk around and become more familiar with our new city. Dublin is a really big city, lets just say its very easy to get lost. However, no matter what street you walk down the atmosphere and culture I have experienced in this first couple of days is amazing. On the streets there’s always live music and beautiful shops, which is great because I love shopping. The thing I love about Dublin the most so far is the variety. I’ve only seen the city so far, but it has a range from the big shops and clubs to the small dainty pubs and vintage shops.

I’m really looking forward to starting school and practice with the college team. Everybody and everything so far has been fantastic and I’m excited to start the year.