Firsts of Many

Posted By: PatriciaByrne
Posted On: October 15th, 2018
Attending: Cork Institute of Technology

With college, training, and coaching picking up this week, I’ve acknowledged the various areas of my life over here in which I’ve experienced many “firsts” To give you a better feel of what I mean by this, I’ve compiled a short list

  • First time in the HOMELAND, Ireland!
  • First time being in the minority
  • First time being called “the American” in somewhat of an endearing way.
  • First time riding passenger in a car in Europe, that I can remember? It’s a bit of a thrill sitting shotgun on the opposite side in a manual car that is, just “slightly”, exceeding the speed limit. (Mark, I appreciate the lifts more than you know)
  • First time living without a dishwasher…soon enough I’ll be a busser
  • First time ever really socially expressing myself in honesty via blogging and vlogging. It’s been weird, but fun (hope I’m not spamming you too much!)
  • First time in Cobh, Crosshaven, Myrtleville, Youghal, Ashford Castle (thanks again to my Aunt Loretta and Uncle Jim for the unforgettable stay) Gougan Barra, and Adrigole.
  • First time being called a “lad.” This usually happens in training when Coach Tim is encouraging. or reprimanding us (always constructively). Basically interchangeable with “guys.”
  • First time in the Irish Sea—lovely…and cold & salty.
  • First time studying for a Masters of International Business degree
  • First time being away from home for this long…miss you fam.
  • First time living with boys… I mean men… no, I mean boys (besides my brother Paul. Still always welcome bro)
  • First time trying a Guinness and a Murphy’s #basic
  • First time being a “head coach” of an actively competing basketball team (loose term)
  • First time riding, and failing to catch, a city bus in order to get just about anywhere I need to go

& this is just the beginning! I anticipate this to be a running list, and I look forward to more firsts to come!


“Can we all relax?”

-Maddy Ganser

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