Seeing Dublin for the First Time

Posted By: MarissaHoward
Posted On: November 20th, 2018



There is so much I could say about the city of Dublin!  It was absolutely breath-taking and more then I could ever imagine it to be.  Ally and I had a free weekend and decided what better way to spend it then to go see Dublin.  So we reached out to our fellow scholars at Trinity and DCU to see what they had going on that weekend so we could have some tour guides to help us out.  It worked out perfectly because it just so happened that multiple scholars were traveling their for games that weekend!  So we planned to get there Saturday morning so we could go watch some basketball and hang out with the scholars and then Sunday would be the day we just walked around the city!

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early to get to the train from Athlone to Dublin.  The train ride was easy and once we arrived into Dublin all we had to do was hop onto the L and take that right into city center where we would be meeting one of our fellow scholars.  We got a little lost but we found our way eventually once we met up we all got a taxi to the games where the Trinity girls where playing the Ulster girls.  It was so good to see everyone again!  And also super cool to watch them play!  After the games we chatted for a bit and then went back to Trinity because that was where we were staying for the night!  We went and got food at BOBO’s which has burgers and it was so amazing!  Then after that met up with other Scholars for a fun night!  A highlight from that night was going back to Trinity and having to knock on the huge doors to be let back in on campus!  It was so cool and funny!

Sunday the girls had more games but Ally and I knew our train was at 6 so we decided to just roam the city!  Dublin had so many shops that I just adored.  I personally love vintage clothing and just really authentic things and they had so many shops that sold stuff like that!  They also had Starbucks on every corner which was a plus.  I am from a rather big city at home but it is nothing like Dublin.  It was so hard to get anywhere because every time we walk out of a shop there was another one right next to it that we had to go inside of.  Another part we were both excited for was food!  Athlone is an amazing town but it is limited on food options so when we saw all the options in Dublin I know I was happy.  We ended up getting Boojum and after that got back on the L and headed back to the train station.

Overall Dublin was amazing and I would love to travel back multiple times and relive that experience.