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Posted By: ShayAjayi
Posted On: December 4th, 2018
Attending: Ulster University

Having been on the island of Ireland for about four months now, I have to say that I have adjusted adequately to the accents of the people I meet. I have also come to understand the meaning of the many colloquial sayings. In my four months of experience, I have not gone one full week without hearing all of below expressions in conversation. Out of all of the sayings that I hear most frequently, below Is a list of sayings that I consider to be my favorite. To the right of each saying is a sentence that describes how i would define the corresponding expression.

Sayings/Expression           Definition

Taking the piss                      Joking around

Wee                                      Used when referring to something small

So it was                               Used to agree with what someone said

Sorted                                   Taken care of

Lifted                                     To grab or to take

Cheers                                  Wishing someone well, or to end a conversation

Happy days                           Used when pleased with a situation at hand

Dead on                                Exactly right

Hiya                                      Very informal greeting of hello, how are you

See a man about a dog        Clever saying to conceal ones true destination

These expressions are my favorite to hear in conversation. When I first got here I had no idea what any of them meant. Now my face lights up whenever I hear it in conversation because I understand the meaning within the context that it was used in. What I find amazing is that I’ve found myself saying some of these expressions naturally in conversation. Never did I think there would be a day where this would be the case. Half of the time, when I say some of the expressions my friends call me out on it, then we all laugh about it. There are way more saying/ expressions used in daily conversation. Even till this day, I am hearing new expressions that aren’t used as frequently. I said before that i found myself using some of these sayings in daily conversation, but i won’t be surprised if I go back to the states with a wee accent. So, i guess we have to wait and see, so we will!

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