Proud of you Tweedy!

Posted By: Jaelynn
Posted On: December 4th, 2018

Hi guys,

My name is Tweedy, of course you can just call me Tweedy. I want to start off thanking Aimee and Deidre for giving me this amazing opportunity. Preparing for each interview I was so nervous, I was stressing on what to wear and if i should leave my hair up or down. Also I had workouts so I’d be on skype with you guys in a cute button up top tucked into basketball shorts and my practice jersey underneath hoping you guys wouldn’t notice. Coming to Ireland I face many of my fears and step outside my comfort zone. From meeting 34 new people to getting on a plane thousands of feet in the air for multiple hours. But Tylenol pm was my best friend! If no one else is proud of me, I definitely am proud of myself. Starting high school or even college I would have never even seen myself where I am today. I am so grateful to be able to inspire others around me and myself included. It’s weird to think, but I just might be my own hero!


Gotta blast!