Mid Term Camp!

Posted By: MarissaHoward
Posted On: February 24th, 2019



Athlone BC had a two day Mid Term Camp and they allowed me to be apart of it and really help out!  It was split day camp where u10-u14 had the morning session and then u16 and up were after! This is the second camp I have helped out with in Athlone and it’s always a great time! At the camp the girls on my u12 team were there and also the boys from the u14 team I help out with.  This camp was set aside to work on shooting. Shooting is huge and it is important to get the children to focus on it at a very young age! So it was fun to watch how much the progressed!

I worked closest with the u12 girls since they were so used to being around me!  They were so eager to learn more and they wanted to get better so we really tried to challenge them.  A big part of Irish basketball is the Euro step and under hand layups! Two moves that were kind of looked down upon when I was learning how to play! So I have had to self teach myself these moves so I could help these girls learn it!  And when I say they do it better than me, I mean it!  Towards the end of the camp we always split the kids up and let them play some live games!  At this time we really try to just let them play and make mistakes so they can learn more!  We ask them to try to really focus on their shooting form that way the can apply it in a real game situation!  Everyone got better in those two days and it really showed!

The Second part of the day were the u16 and up kids!  Mike was in charge of this session and he gave me the option to join in and get some skill work done so I did!  It felt really good to go through individual skills like that again because I have not done anything like that in a long long long time! Yet once we got into some of the live play action of drills we split the court up and I had to play and coach because we were low on numbers and Mike was on the other side of the court!  It was definitely harder to coach and play at the same time but I managed and it all worked out in the end!

Overall this mid term camp was a lot of fun! The younger kids came in ready to learn and it was inspiring to see it in their faces! They truly are the reason I love being here! They never fail to amaze me! And also being able to get back on the court as a student of the game was amazing! It is not everyday you can improve your game as a 22 year old! So I was glad I got to focus on myself a little during this time as well!