The Education at Ulster

Posted By: MarkKilpatrick
Posted On: February 28th, 2019
Attending: Ulster University

The format of my Masters course here at Ulster University has been a totally new experience for me. After regular sixth form in England and then a Business Administration undergraduate in New York, I have gone from having regular class days 4/5 days a week to now having three full class days a month, yes you read that right, a month. “Block” teaching is a way to cover the entire modules material, and explanations of any coursework or assignments in the three days in a row. I love this method, as you get it all done, out of the way and then you will have the next two weeks away from the classroom to have your own time to prepare for the presentation/assignment/submission date. This means that each module is four days in total in the space of two and a half to three weeks.

I am studying Sports Management which is a great course from the Business School in Ulster University. Throughout my time here, modules have been borad lectures in Sports Law and arbitration, Marketing, Management and Finance that all have links with sport. In these modules I have had guest speakers come in from Holland, Germany and Sweden as well as very successful CEO’s from the UK and Ireland also.

My lectures also vary on loaction, for my sports marketing lecture was held at Winsor Park in Belfast, Northern Irelands national football stadium. My innovation module will conclude in business events in central Belfast. I enjoy that the classes I have venture out to different places and I get to see different things.

The work that is assigned is usually a 2500-4000 word report or research paper along with a small presentation individually or in a small group each module, with three modules a semester. The teachings are very professional with a lot of funding and care goes into current theories topics, for example for my sports law module we were able to see contracts and current plans for The Open Championship which is happening in Portrush in Northern Ireland this summer.

No doubt though the best factor of postgraduate life is having the complementary Tea and freshly made Scones every morning!

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