Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

Posted By: SimoneHobdy
Posted On: February 15th, 2019
Attending: Trinity College Dublin

6 months! Wow. I can’t believe how fast time is going. I remember taking the drive up to Marist College with my dad for the Victory Scholar Launch. I was so nervous because I had no idea what to expect, but also excited at the same time because I always wanted to study abroad. I was set to live in another country with people I had never met before in a place I had never been before. As it became real, I realized how terrifying the whole idea actually was. “Do I really want to do this? 9 months is a really long time to be away from home” I thought. Welp, it was too late to turn back now. I was soon to be on a nonstop to Dublin.

Here I am nearly 7 months later, more than halfway done. These past months have been nothing but learning experiences for me. I am pursuing a degree in business management, something I had never planned on doing. While taking the classes, I’ve realized that I may actually want to pursue a career in business rather than law which was the original plan. I had the incredible opportunity to work with CBS Sports, in the role of a stage manager for the Belfast Classic; which was pretty freaking cool! I have met people from all over the world and formed incredible friendships with them. I have also learned about a variety of different cultures, some of which are mind blowing because they are so different from what I am accustomed to. I have traveled to places I’ve only dreamed of going, and learned of their amazing histories. All of said experiences have been life changing!

I have 3 months left here in Ireland, and I plan on making the very best of them. I have been living my very best life so far and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for me. 3 months .. time really does fly when you’re having fun!

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