Let’s Get Mystical

Posted By: KaylaMorrissey
Posted On: March 15th, 2019
Attending: NUI Galway

The day of our last Mystics game was quite a sad day. Unfortunately, our team ended up never winning a game. We came close in a handful of games and gave a lot of teams a run for their money, but we could never close out the 40 minutes with a W. While one might think that a winless team would be happy to see the end of a season, this was not the reality for us. We all wished we had a few more games together, to fight some more battles and to “get mystical” (this became our unofficial team motto).

My experience on the Mystics got me thinking about the importance of team chemistry. On our walk home from a varsities practice, Amy and I spiraled into a deep conversation about how team chemistry can make or break a season. We both found it truly incredible that our team camaraderie on the Mystics stayed so steady despite fighting through so much adversity. This was a true testament to the quality of the people in the Mystics organization. We had a group of people—players, coaches, and managers—that never gave up and never placed blame on each other. We lost every game as a team.

I wouldn’t trade my time with the Mystics for anything. While I personally experienced some tough times with all the losses, I know that these experiences have made me stronger. I’ve always said that I hate to lose more than I love to win, so losing did bring me down at times. Fortunately, I had eleven incredible teammates to lean on through the bumps in the road.

I want to shout out a few people from Mystics who made my experience a great one. Coach Terry Kennedy instilled us with confidence every game and made me a better basketball player. Maura Harte, our team manager, provided endless amounts of support and generosity to the whole team and never stopped believing in us. Mike Murray did most work from behind the scenes, but also contributed to the welcoming environment that is the Mystics organization. Finally, my eleven teammates made the season one that I will never forget. Each player brought something special to the table, and on any given day I could look to a different person for motivation or support. I’m incredibly grateful to have been placed in Galway with fellow Victory Scholar, Amy Hasenauer. It’s weird to think we won’t be in the same place next year, but I know our friendship is one that will continue for life. I am a strong believer in the saying, “It’s the people that make the place.” In this case, the people in the Mystics organization definitely helped make Galway a place that I will always remember, look back on fondly, and likely come back to visit!

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