Where are they now? Victory Scholar Edition: Andrew Curiel

Posted By: AndrewCuriel
Posted On: July 8th, 2019
Attending: Limerick Institute of Technology

It’s been about a month since I’ve been back from Ireland and it’s fair to say I’m fully back into “NY Mode”. I started my summer job, hung out with friends and family, and most importantly continued promoting my upcoming camp July 20th.

I was interviewed by my local news station, News 12 The Bronx and they covered both my time in Ireland as well as the benefits of the Sport Changes Life Program. For me it was a full circle moment because at this time last year I was so nervous about what was in store for me in the upcoming year. After being given the opportunity to talk about my year and watch it back on the news, I knew I made the right decision going to Ireland to pursue my masters. I wanted to specially speak on the fact that even though I didn’t “make it” to the NBA, I made “it” another way, which was by my education. My mom always preached to me growing up, “…get your education because no one can ever take it away from you.” and this holds true as I write this blog today.  So many kids in my neighborhood have the aspirations of going pro in the sport they love, but unfortunately most if not all of them will not make it. That doesn’t make them a failure, it just means they have more opportunities to be a success outside of their sport and I wanted to show them what success looks like outside of basketball.

I wrote a blog earlier in the academic year about the “4%”. The percentage is a representation of hispanic males with a masters degree within the United States. Upon completion of my thesis (hopefully by the grace of God) I will receive my degree in November. With that degree I will be the first in my family to obtain that level of degree and I will also be the “role model” for the kids in my community of what success looks like outside of sport.

So to the next class of victory scholars, congrats on taking this giant leap… you’re probably nervous and scared to do something like this but I promise you it WILL BE the best experience of your life and no one will be able to take it away from you.


The link to the news story is here.


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