Will Koppenhaver

  • Current University: Ulster University
  • Course: Sport Management
  • Club: Ulster Elks
  • Age: 24


Hello everyone!  My name is Will Koppenhaver and I am extremely excited to become a Victory Scholar with the Sport Changes Life team.  I am from Boone, North Carolina but I studied for my undergraduate degree at Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina.  I graduated in 2015 with a degree in business management with a concentration in money and finance.  I played basketball for three of my four years at Guilford College, was part of the academic all-conference team every year, and was a team captain my senior year.

I will be studying for a Master of Science in Sport Management at Ulster University in Belfast, as well as playing for the men's basketball team.  In addition to all this, I will also be helping the Sport Changes Life team to coach and tutor children from disadvantaged backgrounds so that we can help make a meaningful difference in these young people's lives.  This is a truly amazing opportunity to contribute to the Irish community while also studying for a postgraduate degree and continuing to play the sport that I love.  I cannot wait to see how everything unfolds!

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