WWGD- What Would Ghost Do?

Posted By: Will Koppenhaver
Posted On: September 10th, 2016
Attending: Ulster University

            “Do you watch Power?” said one scholar to another during one of the first meals we shared at Ulster University.  Power is an American crime drama series, and it just so happens that it has become a huge craze with a number of Victory Scholars.  While the twenty-three Victory Scholars have all come from a variety of different backgrounds, we have found a common ground in this television show that has seemingly brought us closer and has more relevance to our purpose here than I thought.

            The main character of Power is named Ghost.  Like many protagonists, Ghost constantly has to deal with problems coming at him from many different angles.  His own issues spread across many categories but what makes him so relatable to the Victory Scholars is his ability to handle them with poise.  He is a character that always seems to be confident in his decisions.  He is humble when he is successful and keeps his head up when he is struggles.  This is the ultimate descriptor of what it means to be a Victory Scholar.

            During our short time in Belfast with all twenty-three scholars, we’ve accomplished a lot.  We became certified coaches, saw where the Titanic was built, met the Lord Mayor of Belfast, acknowledged different Irish rules and regulations, hiked up Cave Hill, and much more.  Among all of this, one group session sticks out to me the most.  With one of the Sport Changes Life staff, Marc Mulholland, we had a session where we all told about a mentor or someone who has helped us get to where we are now.  I have never felt so inspired after listening to everyone’s story.  I was amazed to hear how all of us had faced different problems in our lives and still found ways to keep going. 

            All the Victory Scholars made it in to this program for a reason.  We all want to raise the aspirations of children in the Irish community so that they can accomplish amazing things.  We might not realize yet, but this won’t come easy.  Like Ghost, we will be dealing with a variety of different problems that we may not anticipate.  However, as all of the scholars went their separate ways to their different schools (I obviously stayed at Ulster), I am confident that all of us will handle these unforeseen “road bumps” just like Ghost would: with poise. #InspiredAndDetermined

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