Schools Program

Working alongside the Ulster Sports Outreach (USO) our Victory Scholars gain access to schools under a development structure that allows them to work with young people who may have disengaged with education. Our Victory Scholars have been providing, basketball coaching, golf coaching, multi sport coaching, health related physical activity and raising aspirations through our specifically designed Victory Assemblies.

Honor Roll

The ‘Honor Roll Schools Program’ is an 8-week program that incorporates multi-sport with inspirational workshop discussions that will directly raise the aspirations of young people and help focus onto their education. Each weekly session lasts for 90 minutes, and uses sport to connect with young people and develop skills that can be applied towards their studies and job searching. Victory Scholars serve as mentors as they provide inspiration and guidance to help young people prepare for their future.

Victory Assemblies

Victory Assemblies are 20 minute presentations that will motivate young people to become their own Victory, and provide the tools and inspiration to achieve it. American Victory Scholars will share how they personally have become Victory, the elements of Victory, and how young people can become their own victory in just three easy steps. The young people will leave the assembly inspired to stay positive and pursue their goals.

Victory Workshops

Comprised of three workshops that work independently or as a package, Victory Workshops provide the guidance, motivation, and tools young people need to develop and thrive personally and professionally. The workshops are targeted for students aged 14-18, take one day to complete each, and focus on different key skills needed for personal development and employability. The three workshops are (1) Healthy Minds, Healthy Lives, (2) Believe to Succeed, and (3) Lead to Succeed.

Victory Coaching

Victory Coaching develops the sport of basketball to connect Victory Scholars to young people in need of guidance and support all while developing the game. In the 6-8 week hour-long programs, Victory Scholars work in their local community’s schools to develop the team’s basketball skills and provide motivation, inspiration, and positivity in a fun and engaging environment.

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