Our highly skilled team of Sport Mentors and Victory Scholars have been guided throughout their lives by influential mentors and the one thing they all agree on is that ‘mentors win by turning up.’

A young person in need of Mentoring

Our team of Sport Mentors and Victory Scholars have developed skills through out their own personal life learning life lessons from some of the most influential mentors in their own lives and the one thing they all agree on is that ‘mentors win by turning up’. We have found that being their for a young person in their time of need is one of the best forms of building a relationship and leaving a lifelong impression and legacy with that young person for years to come.

Become a Mentor

Becoming a Mentor today with Sport Changes Life will not only raise the aspiration of the young people you are mentoring, it will also help you. Just being there for a young person on a regular occurrence can help make some ones day. Whether it’s a high-five or a smile that a young person needs or advice on how to create a C.V, how to study for exams or even a friend ear to talked to, your role as a mentor will not only shape the young people you are working with but will help define you as a person and how you want to live a positive and health lifestyle helping others change their lives through sport.

Our Programs

Aims of a Mentor:

You will help build a number of different relationships both young people and key stakeholders in your local community that will help create a strong network that surrounds the young people you are mentoring. You will encourage positive attitudes and to take pride towards the betterment of your wider community. Sport Changes Life will support you on your journey with specialised mentoring training and give you the opportunity to become active and positive leader within your local community.

Get Involved

Our Corporate Mentoring Strategy

The ‘Future 4 Young People’ mentoring investment program is about raising the aspirations of your companies corporate social responsibility business strategy. With a donation of your staffs time, and a financial donation tied in with your Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, together we can help those young people who have been left behind. Helping them in education, employment and simply in life.

Donating to the ‘Future 4 Young People’ program we will together embark on a journey that will be have a life long legacy on young people in your community. Your investment will directly help with educational and life mentoring support, guidance to employment, job skills development and laying the foundation for a brighter future for those most in need.

Your companies investment will give 6 months of mentoring support to a young person. ‘Future 4 Young People’ offers an alternative investment for your businesses CSR strategy. We believe that your time is just as important as your financial investment.

The ‘Future 4 Young People links directly to the development of your staff. Your staff, after working with our young people as a volunteer mentor will use their valid life experiences in helping a young person today build foundation for our communities future leading to a healthy work life balance.

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