Victory Scholar Program

Our ground breaking Victory Scholar Program, designed in partnership with our founding university partner Ulster University, brings hope to young people in local communities across Northern Ireland and Ireland.

About the Program

Whilst studying, these scholars also continue playing or developing sport at all levels, work in the wider community with young people and gain valuable work experience through internships and mentoring with local businesses.

These Victory Scholars will be America’s future leaders, developing a global view of the world as they develop strong leadership skills, character and business acumen through this valuable and multi-faceted 10 months on the island of Ireland.

The Victory Scholar Program will create numerous ambassadors for the island of Ireland throughout the United States. Living in Ireland they will become actively involved within the local communities, growing participation in sport and acting as mentors to help raise the aspirations the young people they work with.

Goals for Scholars:
  • Grow future leaders
  • Create ambassadors for Ireland throughout the United States
  • Developing a more globalized perspective
Goals for those they influence:
  • Educate children to live a more active and healthier lifestyle
  • Grow confidence and raise aspirations
  • Develop young leaders within the Ireland community teaching integration and togetherness
  • Build community involvement to ensure long-term sustainability

Become a Scholar

Studying with Victory

The very foundations of the Victory Scholar Program are built on education. On acceptance of becoming a Victory Scholar you will be accepted onto Masters Degree in one of our prestigious partner Universities across the Island of Ireland.

Our founding partner Ulster University is based in Northern Ireland along with our Irish University Partners NUI Galway, Trinity College, Carlow Institute of Technology, Waterford Institute of Technology, Dublin City University, Letterkenny Institute of Technology, Cork Institute of Technology, Limerick Institute of Technology and Maynooth University will all be home to our Class of 2016 Victory Scholars.

As a Victory Scholar you will be expected to be a dedicated and diligent student-athlete. Sport Changes Life expects you to be a role model not only on the court or field of play but within the class room.

Become a Scholar

Victory in the Community

Each Victory Scholar will have their own individual and unique experience in the local communities Sport Changes Life works in raising aspirations of young people through sports mentoring.

As a Victory Scholar you will expected to embrace every challenge that is put in front of you. You will mentor, coach and build relationships with young people in the local community as well as helping the local volunteers of the sporting communities that have already giving so much of their time to helping others. You will be a resource to local sports clubs, delivering the Sport Changes Life schools outreach programs and volunteer your time to help benefit the wider community. Your investment of your time working within the communities and working with the young people on the Island of Ireland will be your legacy for years to come in the community you will be placed in.

Continue Playing The Sport You Love

As a Victory Scholar you will be playing both college and club basketball unless you are one of our newly developed Golf Victory Scholars. In the Irish basketball community working with our ‘Affiliated Clubs’ is an opportunity for you to help develop the sport you love while playing it. You will be expected to play and educate those around you. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to develop leadership skills on and off the court and gain vital coaching experience along with a coaching accrediation.

You will get the opportunity to continue playing the sport you love in an alternative environment that embodies NCAA ethos of ‘Health and Wellness’ to aid transition to life after college sports.

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Being a Sport Changes Life Ambassador

As a Victory Scholar you will be instantly become an ambassador for Sport Changes Life. You are and always will be a huge part of Sport Changes Life family and avail of our Victory Alumni network as they continue to spread the word of the Sport Changes Life Foundation throughout the world. You will become a content creator in our award winning social media strategy team. This unique social media strategy will help you share your journey through our outlets helping to build your online resume and profile.

You will step outside your comfort zone, learn how to inspire not only young people but your friends, family and others who come into your world in an aim to help them see the importance of inspiring each other and trying to make the world a better place. So – What are you waiting for? Join our #VICTORY family today. APPLY NOW.

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