Chaz Watler

  • University: Letterkenny Institute of Technology
  • Course: Marketing Practice
  • Club: LYIT Donegal
  • Age: 22


Hello, my name is Chaz Watler and I am from the big apple… New York City! Brooklyn, New York to be exact. I recently graduated from St Thomas Aquinas College, also known as STAC, where I received my bachelor’s degree in the field of accounting.While at STAC, I played men’s basketball, where I was named a three-time captain and all conference for all four years. This past season, I lead my school to our fourth championship appearance, third regular season championship, second championship, first regional championship and lastly helping us advance to the Division II Elite Eight.  While in Ireland, I will be pursuing a postgraduate degree in Accounting at Letterkenny Institute of Technology (LYIT). While abroad, I cannot wait to inspire the youth and build lifelong connections and relationships. Working with and inspiring the youth is really huge for me because you never know who a person may look up too, and I would love to be that person. I would love to become a role model and show kids not only in Ireland but in Brooklyn as well, that you can honestly do anything you put your mind too. With a little handwork and dedication, the sky is the limit!

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