Sorry Coach !

Posted By: ChazWalter
Posted On: January 21st, 2018
Attending: Letterkenny Institute of Technology

Getting accepted into the Sport Changes Life Program has been the best thing that has happened to me, other than getting a full basketball scholarship to college. In this program, I’m living in Letterkenny, Ireland where I’m playing basketball, getting a master’s degree, mentoring kids and coaching. It sounds like a lot but trust me, it’s not. Growing up, I was always told: “you never know how things are going until you’re on the outside looking in.” As a basketball player, you see things differently on the court rather than when you’re a spectator on the side. I remember in college, my coaches would tell me things and I would get upset sometimes, just thinking in my head “what is he talking about.  (Sorry Coach lol)” My coach would even tell the team things, both positive and negative, however, we would still get upset as a unit. As a player, I’ve thought some things were phenomenal and some things were pointless at times, but my coach always had a method to his madness.

As mentioned before I am a coach! My teammate Jon and myself coach St. Eunan’s College (high school) under 16s. This past weekend our team had 3 games in one day to advance to the All Ireland quarterfinals. Obviously, to move on, a team had to go 3 and 0. Unfortunately, we fell to 2-1 and got knocked out. I couldn’t be more proud of my team! Jon and I have been told that the team hasn’t been that successful in the past, but during our coaching tenured, we coached the kids to a 5-2 record. Now I see why people become coaches because there is no better feeling than seeing your team excel and having fun.

So, I named this blog “Sorry Coach” because um I’m actually apologizing to my college coach. I’m apologizing not because I did anything wrong, like c’mon me doing something wrong, never happens…jk. Seriously I’m apologizing for not always seeing your vision, criticism, and passion. I apologize for taking a couple plays off on defense, last minute lapses and not always playing to my full potential. Coaching has changed my perception of many things, on and off the court. I’m extremely proud of my team but seeing small mistakes, mental lapses at the end of games and untouched potential, almost drove me insane haha. By witnessing that has made me think and put the pieces together, even questioning things I’ve done in the past. “Is this how my team and I looked when we messed up?” “Is this how we looked playing down to our competition?” So many things have been brought to the surface since I became a coach. Coaching is fulfilling and gives you a huge appreciation for the small things. I wouldn’t trade my under 16s for the world and I wish we could endure this journey again but until next time!

Lastly, not only sorry… but a special thank you to all the coaches I’ve ever had (especially my college coaches Coach Anderson, Capell, Dodge, Coyne, Toste, Dwinell, Stafman, and JR). Thank you for seeing the potential in me that I didn’t know I had. Thank you for believing in me and trusting in me. Thanks for everything!

-Chazito Out

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