A Special Thank You!

Posted By: ChazWalter
Posted On: October 22nd, 2017
Attending: Letterkenny Institute of Technology

As a young kid and even as a teenager, I can remember wishing I was an adult. I’m pretty sure 99% of kids and teenagers wanted to be older than they were. I’m sure at some point; we’ve all said: “I can’t wait to move out!” Well, that time is now… I’m 22 years old, and sometimes I wish I was young again. I guess I feel like I rushed into adulthood! I wish somebody warned me about adulthood: all the stress, responsibilities and independence. As I lay here in my room on this typical Irish day (windy and rainy, what a shocker!), I wish I could hear my mom’s voice saying, ” Are you hungry boo?” I’d then leave my room, to go into the kitchen, and see a new home-cooked meal waiting for me on the table. The key word is… WISH!

My transition into becoming a “real adult” here in Letterkenny, is going smoothly; being a responsible and independent adult isn’t so bad after all. In college, I went to school about an hour away from my house, so I always got a chance to see my family. However, being thousands of miles away from my loved ones is hard, especially when you’re accustomed to seeing them on a regular basis.  Having a support system is always great to have, especially when weathering a new journey. I wouldn’t have had a better transition, here in Ireland if it wasn’t for these two families; the Cassidy’s and Leadley’s!

These two families have been by my side every step of the way, taking me in as one of their own. Growing up in Brooklyn, my friends and I grew up on the quote: “Family isn’t always blood, it’s the people in your life who want you in theirs: the ones who accept you for who you are!” This quote applies to these two families; just because we are not blood-related, I still consider them family. Anyways, this is just a thank you blog; a special thank you and shoutout to these two families; I don’t know how I’ll stay sane without you guys!

-Chazito Out ✌🏽🎤


SB: This Is My Landlord, Ed Cassidy !

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