Jaelyn Tweedy

  • University: Letterkenny Institute of Technology
  • Course: Business Management
  • Club: LYIT
  • Age: 22


Hello world! My name is Jaelyn Tweedy, but you can call me Tweedy. I am honored and thrilled to be chosen to be apart of the Sports Change Life family as a Victory Scholar. I am from Richmond, Virginia but I attended school in Lakewood, New Jersey at Georgian Court University (GCU). Within my four years I was a three-year captain of the team, 2-year coaches award winner, MVP, reached the 1,000-point milestone, and was awarded the New Jersey Woman of the year award. I was fortunate to be apart of the GCU family where I received amazing support day in and day out.

I am very excited to begin my new journey in Ireland inspiring the youth, giving back and getting involved within new communities this brings great joy in my heart. While playing basketball I will be studying at Letterkenny Institute of Technology (LYIT), I am looking forward to meeting new faces and creating unforgettable bonds. I am truly grateful the SCL family has giving me the opportunity of a lifetime!

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