A Year Ago?

Posted By: Jaelynn
Posted On: February 5th, 2019

Time flies!

No but honestly time flies!! I’m talking a jet not even a airplane. It’s crazy to look back on things throughout your life and think “wow that was a year ago” sometimes it doesn’t even feel like it. The thing is when you’re busy time typically seems to fly by even quicker. There’s moments where I can remember vividly growing up with my siblings and I literally feel like it was maybe 2 years ago but it was 10 years ago. On somedays I can’t believe I’m actually 22 years old, I remember having camps and counselors would be in their 20’s and I’d say to myself “ew they’re kind of old” and now that’s me. IM HONESTLY PAST HALFWAY TO 40! Craziness

Looking back a year ago, I played in my last NCAA college game. For me, my college experience kind of went by slowly. I think because I was so eager to turn 21 the time just went by slower, everyday I would wake up and see how many more days I had until I was 21 and I was only 19 so waiting 600 plus days probably didn’t make it any better.

My college experience was my favorite because it’s where I truly emerge from my little shell. A lot of people that know me now probably wouldn’t believe me if I told them I have a hard time opening up to new people and I’m really shy. Luckily the advanges of sports pretty much allows you to express yourself easier. Playing sports is literally all about communication, to stop the other team it’s imperative to constantly talk to each other. So it kind of helps me make friends because I gained more confidence while playing the sport I loved. In college I was surrounded by constant love and guidance. Coming in my coach allow me to follow my passion on and off the court. She was aware of my passion for coaching so she constantly taught me and allowed me to run camps and clinics on my own. Having someone like this in my corner allowed me to be truly grateful because in NCAA basketball it’s rare to find a coach that cares about you outside of your sport.

A year ago playing my last game, honestly I am able to say I have no regrets through my college career. Everything that happened has made me a better person. The mistakes I made help me understand why certain things in life happen and what valuable lesson it teaches. Before entering college I thought I had knowledge about many things, such as basketball and still to this day I am constantly learning new things about the game of basketball. Being a senior in college a year ago I was happy to close my career with amazing friends, amazing bonds throughout my school and athletic department, and valuable lessons learned from coaches, staff, and professors at GCU. A year ago feels like a day ago but I am forever grateful.