My Uncle B!!!

Posted By: Jaelynn
Posted On: January 11th, 2019

So recently after graduating in May of 2018, I moved to New York with the famous Uncle B. My Uncle B always supported me every year during college basketball and we would have great conversations and my team, parents of my teammates, and coaches love him.

When he welcomed me into his home it felt great, I was able to be myself and gain many new connections. My cousin Brent (Uncle B’s son) and I grew really close. Brent is a pretty cool person who doesn’t judge anyone no matter their shortfalls. I was able to get great advice and have many life talks with him. Throughout the summer up until leaving for Ireland Brent and I made awesome memories. Being around him allowed me to be my most authentic self! My favorite memory is when we went to the water park, we had a lot of fun together. This brings me to my TiTi (aunt Camille) she is a very sweet and pure soul. She’ll always tell you the truth no matter what and for that she’s amazing! She is extremely supportive, I love talking to her she always give the pros and cons to every situation while guiding you to make a good decision. These are the amazing connections I made over summer break because of my Uncle B!

My Uncle B is a big family man and he always make sure I know the importance of family. Living with him has opened my eyes to the importance of many life lessons he has taught me. He always teach the importance of family, money management, basketball, and of course working. Uncle B is always working, even though he is retired from teaching he still finds ways to keep himself busy. Over winter break he worked on the basement in the house (he taught me a few things, never know, I may be building a house soon), he let me do a little painting. During that time we were able to talk and bond more. I love the conversations we have, either watching tv, eating dinner, car rides, and etc. Over summer Uncle B does landscaping for many people around the neighborhood. It’s amazing how many people he helps and assist by planting flowers or cutting grass. I would come outside during the summer and he would always be on a new task up and down the block. One day he actually allowed me to cut the grass across the street, he’s turning me into a woman of many talents! My favorite is spending time with him watching tv, specifically watching basketball. We usually watch UCONN women’s basketball team play because that’s his favorite team, I mean who can blame him it’s the best team in the country! While talking to him I learn new things because he see and has so much knowledge to the game of basketball. He’s also a very good listener he always allow me to voice my opinion while giving me proper guidance to the game. Spending time with my Uncle B has been amazing he has gave me a bigger meaning to the importance of family, while accepting and loving those around you no matter what. Being in Ireland makes me miss him very much but I am so happy he is supporting my goals no matter the distance!