Michael Klinger

  • University: Institute of Technology Carlow
  • Course: Business
  • Club: IT Carlow Basketball
  • Age: 23


Hello everyone! My name is Mike Klinger and I am from Franklin Park, New Jersey. I recently graduated from Drew University in Madison, New Jersey, earning a Bachelors Degree in Business Studies. As a student-athlete at Drew I competed as a member of the Drew men’s basketball program. During my career I was fortunate to be selected as team captain for 3 straight seasons, as well as a 3-time Landmark All Conference selection. I am excited to be studying at IT Carlow where I will achieve a Masters in Business, while continuing to play the sport I love.

I am truly privileged to be selected as a Victory Scholar, and accepted into the Sport Changes Life family. I am excited to use this opportunity to serve as an inspiration and role model for the youth of Ireland, as well as helping instill the values of hard work, perseverance and dedication that I have built my life around. Throughout my life basketball has allowed me to experience success, foster lifelong friendships, as well as further my development as a person. I look forward to passing on these values and experiences to those less fortunate, to help them not only in sport, but in life as well.

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