Adversity Doesn’t Build Character, It reveals it

Posted By: Michael Klinger
Posted On: February 12th, 2017
Attending: Institute of Technology Carlow

This year has been an absolutely struggle for our national league team, between getting enough guys for games to competing at the high level necessary to be successful in this league. Wins have been hard to come by for our squad, which is exactly why this Saturday was so huge for us.

We returned home this week for a matchup with the extremely talented Sligo All-Star team, who was fresh off a tough loss in the National Cup last week. We had 9 guys for the game, which was a good start for our team. I am so proud of the way we battled, playing with composure and heart the entire game. We came out on top 85-79 after a long, hard 40 minutes. This was just what the team needed heading into the final weeks of the season.

This win wasn’t just huge for the team, it was crucial for myself individually. The last few games I had been struggling heavily, whether it was my poor shooting, battling through an ankle injury, or whatever the case, I have not been myself these last few games. However, Saturday was a bounce back game for myself as well. I was finally able to hit some shots, putting up 41 in this critical game for us, and that made the win feel that much better.

Battling through adversity is no new feeling to me, but for some reason this game was extremely uplifting for my confidence and self belief. And once again, it shows that rough spells happen to everyone, but through hard work and dedication, you can always bounce back, and come up big when you’re needed the most.

Next week we return home again for a matchup with the Dublin Lions, hopefully we can keep the streak going!!

Go ITC!!

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