Unforgettable Week

Posted By: Michael Klinger
Posted On: April 17th, 2017
Attending: Institute of Technology Carlow

So this past week was a pretty special one in Carlow for a few reasons. First and foremost, my girlfriend Sam made her highly anticipated debut in Ireland. After getting over the jetlag, and settling in to the apartment, we made our way around Ireland. It was hard to believe all of the places I hadn’t seen, including the park right on the river 5 minutes from my place. But Sam being who she is, dragged me out exploring every single part of Ireland. We made our way to Kilkenny, explored the castle and cathedral, and were extremely fortunate to see nothing but the clear sky and bright sun the whole trip.

But the absolute best part of the trip was our weekend excursion to Dublin. We of course went to the Guinness factory, got some T-shirts, and drank our pint at the top of the building, however, on Sunday we were fortunate enough to do something that can only be done once a year in Dublin. The annual Country-2-Country music festival was taking place the weekend that Sam visited. With both of us being avid country music fans, it was a no brainer. So we threw on our flannels, and made our way to 3Arena for the show. The lineup on Sunday featured stars such as Darius Rucker, Hunter Hayes and Dan&Shay, which would be nearly impossible to see in one concert in the states. On top of that, the arena wasn’t as crowded as we had anticipated, and we were fortunate enough to make our way to about 10 feet from the stage. This was an unbelievable treat, being able to witness some of our favorite artists, right in front of us.

Luckily for Sam, some snowy weather back home extended her trip a few days. This was hands down one of the best weeks I’ve experienced here in Ireland, and I am looking forward to her return in the end of May.

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