Mike Riopel

  • University: Ulster University
  • Course: Sport & Exercise Psychology
  • Club: Ulster University Elks
  • Age: 22


Hello friends! My name is Michael Riopel and I am honored to be a Victory Scholar. I grew up on the Eastern Shore of Virginia—the little peninsula that hangs down from Maryland and is left off most maps. After high school, I ventured up north to Massachusetts and completed my undergraduate degree at Amherst College, receiving a bachelor of arts in Psychology. At Amherst, I was fortunate to be a member of the men’s basketball program. In my four years, the team finished with 3 NCAA tournament appearances, making it as far as the Final Four in 2016. In my final year, I led the team in scoring and was selected to the NESCAC All Conference team.

While in Ireland, I will study in the Sport and Exercise Psychology program at Ulster University. I could not be more excited to earn a masters degree, continue my playing career, experience the adventure of living abroad, and most importantly have a lasting impact on kids in my community through sport. Being accepted into this program has been a dream come true, and my time in Ireland cannot come soon enough!

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