Week 6

April 11th, 2011 | Uncategorized

Hi folks,


Thank God it’s Friday! Not to mention the weather is great (knock on wood). This has been a quite busy and stressful week.  As I mentioned last week, I have my first assignment for my Managing the Digital Enterprise class due today.  When I thought I was done, I was actually not close to being done.  I have learned that at the graduated level, there is a lot more involvement and editing that goes into writing a paper.  With that being said, I think I’ve done pretty well on the assignment.  So with that behind me, the load has lightened… but only for the moment! The MBS is heavily weighted with assignments all due in December.


Also good news was announced yesterday, that myself and Gary Connolly have been named captains of this years Ulster Elks Premier League team.  It is great to have the support of the team and also have another opportunity to enhance my leadership skills.  After all, the purpose of being a USNI scholar is to broaden my perspective on life and experience things that I might not otherwise had been able to.   We have another challenge ahead of us tomorrow against Northstar on their home court.


As promised, I would tell you about my first Irish Halloween experience (which I found out originated here).  It was a last minute decision to dress up and enjoy the night, so I had to go with my limited option of being a golfer.  On the bright side, I got to hang out with Santa Claus (Paddy McGaharan) and Superman (Mark McColgan).  It was entertaining to say the least seeing some of the costumes out that night.


Until next week.



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