Week 5

September 25th, 2011 | Uncategorized

Hello everyone! This past week provided a nice change of pace. We won our preseason game against cross-town rival, Maree. The game showed us a lot of what we need to work on, like boxing out and playing defense. I had my first presentation for one of my courses on Monday which went extremely well! My professor was pleased with my group. We attended an Ethics Seminar on Child Protection on Monday night. This was excellent as it provided us with a lot of information regarding dealing with children and what do in potential troublesome situations that we may encounter. 

Thursday we headed up to Belfast. We had a wonderful dinner at Gareth and Deirdre’s home and had a chance to meet the girls. We practiced with the Ulster Elks Thursday night in preparation for the Belfast Invitational that weekend. We won all 4 of our first round games, won the semi-final, and unfortunately lost in the championship game of the ESPN sponsored tournament. However, it was great to play with the guys up there, especially our fellow Victory Scholar, Darryl Shazier, or Shazzi as the girls were calling him. 

Friday night was great after the game, as myself, Will, and Darryl got to accompany Gareth and his family to dinner at TGI Friday’s and celebrate Gareth’s birthday. He insisted we not sing happy birthday to him, but his daughters decided that he really had no say in the matter. Hence this photo. All in all it was a great weekend and I sincerely would like to thank USNI Sport, the Ulster Elks and everyone involved for hosting us in Belfast for a great weekend of hoops and Northern Ireland history. Talk to you guys soon! – Tim

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