Week 5

October 28th, 2011 | Uncategorized

How’s it going?


Things are going well here in Northern Ireland, where it is normal to rain 48 hours straight!  Like I mentioned last week, this has been a busy time for myself.  I have my first assessment due this upcoming week which is an assignment for my Managing the Digital Enterprise class, where I am to analyze the online and offline retail environment of a product/product group of my choice.  I thought it would be interesting to focus on the online/offline poker environment.  Especially since online poker sites are illegal in the States, I thought it would be intriguing to take a further look into it.  Needless to say, I am finding it quite enjoyable for me to be talking about it in my blog (I won’t bore you with all the other assignments.. only the ones I prefer.)  


In other exciting news, we won our Premier League game against Queens last night to improve our record to 2-0.  They were a veteran led team that wouldn’t go away.  We led by 18 at halftime and they cut is down to 7 at one point in the third quarter.  With our poise, we were able to hold off their run and eventually pull away in the fourth quarter.  This is great to see the improvement we have made as a team (also Connor O’Dornan knocking down a free throw).


Halloween is coming up… not sure how they celebrate it here in Northern Ireland, but I will be sure to report back to you next week.  The continuous theme while here (besdies the rain) is that I am learning everyday more and more about the culture.  These are experiences that I will be able to pass on once I return to the States.


Also want to give a special shoutout to the entire Ulster Elks Club for making me feel at home and becoming part of the family!  


Until next time, Peace!



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