Week 9

October 23rd, 2011 | Uncategorized

3, 2, 1….and Gareth Maguire banks it in to lead the Ulster Elks into the finals of the Galway Masters Tournament!!! Yesterday was a great day of basketball in Galway. In the morning I had the Titans Academy, which was by far the best Saturday since I’ve started. I told the kids how happy and impressed I was with them. Afterwards, I headed over to the Kingfisher at NUIG to get a quick workout in before checking out some of the Master’s Tournament. I walked into the gym just in time to catch the final minute of the semi-final game between Ulster and Galway. Sure enough I see Galway miss 2 free throws with about 6 seconds left, Ulster pushes the ball downcourt, where it ends up in Gareth’s hands and he banks it in from deep as time expires to send Ulster into the finals, which they would eventually win. However, if we were in New York, the shot wouldn’t have counted because everyone in the gym would tell you that he didn’t call bank. Nonetheless, it was a great tournament and it was great to see all these guys who are all basketball legends in Ireland. Last night we joined everyone at the hotel to celebrate the success of the tournament. 

Overall it was a good week in Galway, as usual. Had a lot of work to do. (Still have a lot more to do). But I was able to get one final presentation out of the way, which was for our Strategic Management class. Instead of doing a traditional PowerPoint, I suggested that we use Prezi, an online presentation software, that pretty much makes presentations a little cooler. As expected, it worked! Our presentation absolutely blew the class away. Students, as well as the professor, were thoroughly impressed. Kids even stayed after class to shake my hand and tell me how great the presentation was. We received an A on the presentation, which accounts for 20 percent of our overall grade in the course. The professor said, “Congratulations on an excellent presentation. It was close to a standard which was equivalent to middle manager presentations I have seen in industry! so well done.” 

As far as the Titans are concerned, it was a solid week of training. Things are starting to come together. We had no game this weekend, but might be organizing a friendly for next weekend. I thought I was going to be able to play in our next official game which is Nov. 5, but I can’t play until Nov. 6. 1 day!! Oh well. At least I’ll be back for our game the following week which will be our first Cup game.

The week ahead will surely be very busy. I have several assignments that I will hopefully have completed by the end of the week, which means I will have plenty of work(stress) off my shoulders, allowing me more time to watch shows online, like Dexter. The photo I have included is an excerpt from my conversation with Darryl the other day. Victory Scholars helping Victory Scholars!!!

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