Week 11

November 6th, 2011 | Uncategorized

Hell week is about to be over. Once Monday hits, two of the terms biggest projects will be over with! The consultancy project has been taking much of our time as team meetings have been a pre-req to get this project done. We also have an empirical literature review due for our research methods class. Once these two projects are done, we have two essays and an oral presentation before the finals begin! Looking forward to it!

In two weeks, I’ll finally be able to play my first game with the Titans. It’ll feel really good to play after waiting three whole months. I also coached the academy Saturday morning. The kids did a really good job this weekend. They worked hard and made sure to pay attention the details. It took several weeks for them to understand these details, such as running into the huddle, making the proper passes in the right situations and talking on defense. 

Late during the week, my girlfriend and I took a walk next to the harbor. We were greeted with a rare sunshine appearance which was combined with a nice cool breeze. It was a great day to walk around town and see some of the more scenic views. 

Good talk! See you all next week!

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