Week 11

November 8th, 2011 | Uncategorized

Hey guys! To say I’m in a good mood would be a tremendous understatement. The last week has certainly been a long one, with two huge projects due yesterday. Spent almost the entire week/weekend working on finishing these projects. One was an empirical literature review and the other was a group consultancy project. In the picture posted here, my group and I were working late Friday night in the business building (had to convince the night man to let us stay and keep working). With two big deadlines on Monday stress levels were high, especially dealing with group members who sometimes were MIA. Nonetheless, we were able to get everything done, and did a really good job on our presentation. 

In basketball news, the Titans blew out Kilkenny to improve their National League record to 3-1. What’s even better is that it was the last game I had to watch from the bench! This coming week I’ll finally be in action against Ballincollig in our first Cup game. Training was intense last week and hopefully we’ll keep it up this week to prepare for Saturday. I have to admit I am a little nervous about the game Saturday as I’m starting to feel some pressure from a bunch of people saying they can’t wait until I can play. I sure hope I don’t disappoint them!! 

So it’s great to have those assignments completed and have that weight off my shoulders. Will and I reffed our first game tonight. Overall it went pretty well. We missed a few calls here and there, but we think we did a good job and will only improve the more we do it. That’s about it for me. Looking forward to posting next week telling you about how my first official game with the Titans went!

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