Week 16

January 21st, 2012 | Uncategorized

Hello everyone,

Second week back and still going hard at work here. I had a very full week of coaching, basketball and school. Academically, I feel that the subjects we’re learning about are very interesting. My international business class has a cross cultural project we’ve been assigned to do. It involves working on a detailed business report with 5 other group members that go to university in the United States, India and Scotland. Within a few weeks, our specific tasks will be divided up and we should most probably have experienced some cross-cultural challenges while putting the project together! I’ll keep you posted on the development of the report. 

This week’s coaching sessions all went really well. The two coaching sessions I had during the week all revolved around the fundamentals and paying attention to details. I asked the girls to pair up and for one of the girls per pair to go get a ball for themselves and their partner. I made sure to tell them that once they got the ball they should walk back to their partner without dribbling or shooting the ball. Low and behold, the first thing they all did was dribble and shoot the balls. Once they all got back to their pairs I asked them what was the first I told them after I had given them the instructions to get the balls. They all said “do not dribble” looking a little embarrassed. 5 pushups everyone I said sternly. They all let out a sigh and did their pushups. The girls learned that paying attention to details, listening and executing can be very beneficial in life whether the guidelines come from the coach, teacher, boss or parent! 

This weekend at the academy we really focused on developing the proper habits on the court. A trend was obvious this week as paying attention to details was also worked on at the academy. We decided to look over the shooting form we had worked on last month for a few minutes. The kids really needed a refresher as their forms were all over the place. After working on the motion without the ball they eventually remembered how to shoot properly! 

Check in for more updates next week!


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