Week 1

September 25th, 2012 | Uncategorized

Hey everybody! Things are starting to fall into place down here in Limerick. Classes are in full swing and I am really enjoying most of them. My class is small (only 19 of us) and we’ll stay together throughout the entire year. Everyone in the class is awesome and we all seem to get along really well, which makes things much easier since most of our assignments are group work. I’ve also been training with the superleague team these past couple of weeks and that has been going great. I’m starting to get used to all the girls and their style of play, as well as getting more comfortable in the 3 position (as opposed to the 4 position which I played in college) We have our first preseason tournament this weekend in Dublin and I’m excited to see how our team matches up against the other teams. I have also started training with the University team, so I have been pretty busy with basketball and classes right now.

Last week I got to meet some of the girls I will be helping coaching throughout the year. They’re about ages 15-17 and I am very impressed with their skill level. I was working specifically with the post players and they were all so eager to learn. I loved that they were asking me questions about the correct footwork and seemed truly interested to try out some new moves. In addition, we are trying to get my schedule together so I can start helping out with the Community Outreach program that is already in place here at UL and incorporate some aspects from Sport Changes Life. So I am very excited for all that to start up soon!

Congrats to all the other scholars in their past tournaments, especially Gretchen and Caroline who took home the MVPs! Way to represent!! And welcome to Ireland Caroline! I hope you’re enjoying Belfast and keeping Jim and Matt in line up there! 

I can’t wait to let you all know how things go once everything is set in place! Talk you soon! 


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