Week 2

September 14th, 2012 | Uncategorized

Everyone told me that I would not need sunglasses while I was in Northern Ireland. Well, they must have never played pick up basketball. While playing shirts verses skins it is nearly impossible to make a jump shot with the blinding glare produced by my sun deprived teammates (this is coming from a fellow pale ginger). 

These Ulster Elks come from many different countries, as my good friend Pitbull would say, “We International”. My teammates have passports deriving from Spain, Latvia, Lithuania, Ireland, United Kingdom and the United States of America! This has been an interesting challenge as we may have as many as four different native languages on the court at one time. We are looking forward to getting a few wins and coming together as a team when we head to our first tournament of the year in Donegal this Saturday. 

Tonight, I am looking forward to coaching the Girls Junior Elks whom amaze me with their focus and enthusiasm as they give up their Friday nights to work on the game they love. I know when I was a pre-teen I was more interested in watching Boy Meets World and Sabrina, the Teenage Witch during TGIF then working on my basketball skills (embarrassing but true). This hard work will definitely pay off for the girls.

I hope everyone enjoys his or her weekend and talk to you next week!


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