Week 4

October 23rd, 2012 | Uncategorized

I have to start off my blog with a special happy birthday shout out to fellow Victory Scholar and roommate Matt Graves! I am especially looking forward to Matt’s bday dinner at the Maguire’s (he choose Irish Stew, much to the disappointment of the Maguire girls) and our teammate Gary is bringing us to the Giant Causeways on Friday as well! As a special birthday gift I will retell how 6’5”, 220 pound Matt lost in a strength battle to a couple of 15 year olds… 

You can tell the Ehoopers are starting to understand what the program is all about by coming together as a group. A great example of this is how they reacted to the newest game we played on Wednesday. Gareth put a gymnastic mat at both foul lines and split the group up evenly with Matt and I on separate teams. The point of the game was to pull, drag, or carry the opposing team onto your mat and once they touched the mat; they were out of the game. My team decided they wanted to take the opp

osing team’s biggest player out first, aka Matt! It was an ambitious task, but through teamwork and strategy, four of the guys were able to grab his legs to the point where he was laying on his back. Three of Matt’s teammates saw this happen and came to his rescue trying to pull him back up, thus both teams were in a tug and war battle with Matt’s body being the rope. All of a sudden everyone on my team rushed to grab Matt’s legs because they wanted to be part of the group that successfully took out the big guy. It was quite amusing to see a huge, college basketball player get dragged across the basketball floor by seven, skinny 15 year-olds and I think everyone involved had a good laugh at the occasion. Even Matt was laughing as he was hopelessly pulled across the floor. 

It was encouraging to see the E-hoopers working together and having fun especially when it is at the expense of a Victory Scholar


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