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October 30th, 2012 | Uncategorized

My First Irish Birthday!!

I have had many different birthday celebrations in my 23 years of life on this earth. I have had surprised birthday parties, traditional family birthday parties, and even HUGE birthday parties when I was younger; but I had never had my birthday in another country, until this past Friday. Of course I missed my family and friends back at home in the US, but my First Irish Birthday was fantastic. It began on Wednesday at E-Hoops, as Jim stated in his blog, when for my 23rd birthday present I was getting dragged across the floor by five to seven 15 year olds. It was great fun and it was awesome to see, even at my expense, that the kids were working as a team and also laughing and enjoying themselves while doing it. 

On my actual birthday, one of our teammates and friends, Gary, was kind enough to take Jim, Caroline, and I to see the Giant’s Causeway and the Rope Bridge. I have never seen anything like the Giant’s Causew

ay before and I will probably never see anything like it again. It was also a perfect day with no clouds in the sky, which made for awesome pictures. 

The next part of my birthday was at the Maguires house for dinner. As much as I was disappointed by not having Irish Stew on my birthday, my frown quickly turned to a huge smile once I saw all the BBQ ribs, chicken wings, and fries/chips on the table. The Maguire girls were dead on by appealing and vetoing my decision to have Irish Stew, as everyone, including me, were like scavengers eating the birthday dinner Mr. G and Mrs. D had prepared for us.

The last part of my birthday was coaching my U14 and U13 Junior Elks Girls team. As I walked in the gym, all of the girls just started to sing happy birthday and two of my players had baked a cake for me! If you could me blush, my face would have been covered in red. I am very lucky to be a part of such a good, family-oriented, close-knit basketball club like the Ulster Elks. Overall, my 23rd birthday and 1st Irish Birthday was one to remember and I would like to thank everyone who made my birthday special!!!


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