Week 7

October 29th, 2012 | Uncategorized

Small world! I know everyone usually throws this phrase around whenever they see someone in an unusual setting or when they see someone they know, in a place a long way from home. This occurred last week on my mothers current visit to Galway. My mother and I had just finished our dinner at a restaurant (Ming Garden, which was delicious) and was trying to wave down a cab to take back to her Bed & Breakfast. We finally waved a cab down, but before we could head back to my mothers B&B, we needed to stop at my apartment so I could get a few things. While I ran up to my apartment, my mother just sat in the cab waiting for my return. When I return, my mother and the cab driver were laughing. I had no idea what was going on, I didn’t know if the cab driver just made a funny joke or if he was just trying to hit on my mother (I was hoping for the first option haha). Anyways, as I get back into the cab, my mother tells me to guess who the cab driver was. 

I had no clue. It turns out that they both have the same last name (Isibor) and are both from the same village back in Nigeria, with the high chances that they are somehow related. Small world huh? 

The cab driver was so excited to see a fellow Nigerian with the same last name as him that he offered to take us around Galway and show us some nice sceneries the next day (free of charge). When the next day rolls around, and we were driving through parts of Galway that I have never seen, my mother and the cab driver where just chatting away in their native tongue (about who knows what), and having a great time. I was just sitting in the back taking photos of some of the sites we saw (one of the pictures I took is below). At the end of the personal tour, it was time for my mother and I to say bye to the cab driver. It was kind of sad because I could see how much my mother enjoyed being able to relate to someone in an unfamiliar environment and was also from her native country. Nonetheless, I was happy that my mother was able to meet someone that allowed her to enjoy her stay in Galway. You just never know who you might see and have in common with in any given situation.

I know this weeks blog didn’t involve anything about the camps or coaching sessions I had last week, which I apologize for. But I really just wanted to share this story with everyone because I thought it was something special. Don’t worry, next week I will resume with more experiences related to coaching the kids down here in Galway. Until then, take care!


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