Week 5

November 3rd, 2012 | Uncategorized

What a week for the Victory Scholars! It is not a bad life when you get to travel Ireland teaching the game you love to a group of kids that are just as passionate about the game. Matt, Caroline, Sarah, Ryan and I were fortunate enough to visit Clonmel this week for 3 days and a hold a basketball clinic. Unlike the States, where most people play basketball since they are toddlers, many of these

players recently picked up the game in the last few years or even months. This means that we needed to emphasize the fundamentals, but the growth we saw was almost immediate for players that have recently picked up the sport. 

This clinic was about much more than just basketball. Our gracious host, Liam, urged the kids to use basketball as a vehicle for bettering themselves through education, healthy competition and gaining work ethic that is invaluable as an adult. His thoughts were right in line with Sport Changes Life’s core goal of raising the aspiration of young people through sporting excellence, academic achievement and personal development. We cannot thank Liam and all the basketball players of Clonmel for welcoming us into their community and I know that the Scholars will be following how your teams progress this year!

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