Week 6

November 25th, 2012 | Uncategorized

“Believe in yourself and anything is possible”

This past weekend my U16s/U18s team showed a lot of toughness and confidence. The girls played in a tournament in Thurles, and after two tough losses on Friday night, the girls came back on Saturday morning to win a close one against Galway. We were down by 8 points at halftime, but the girls never gave up. Throughout the entire game, everyone on the team, from the girls on the court, to the ones on the bench, kept a positive attitude. No matter how much we were trailing by, the girls encouraged one another to keep playing hard, and with 3 minutes left in the 4th quarter, the girls had fought back to take the lead! 

We were up by 2 points and I kept emphasizing how important defense and poise were for the rest of the game. I was so proud of the tough defense the girls played in the final minutes/seconds and was even happier that we came out with the win! I’m hoping this will be a turning point for the team and boost their confidence. They have a lot of potential to be talented players, but sometimes they lack the confidence commitment. Hopefully now they realize that once they believe they can do something, they will see positive results. With some more hard work and practice, I hope to see a big improvement in their skill level over the coming weeks!

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