Week 7

November 18th, 2012 | Uncategorized

The end of the academic semester is creeping upon us and that means a mad rush to finish up of our papers and assignments. Being in a Masters program means that all the papers are handed in at the end of the semester and only one or two assignments make up one’s final grade. The grading system is very different over here as failing is anything below a 50 and honors are anything above a 70. I am currently enrolled in six courses, two more than the four I was accustomed to taking at Lafayette. These courses include Economics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Marketing, Managing the Digital Enterprise, Financial Decision Making and Managing Organizational Behavior. 

At Lafayette, most students were searching for jobs in the private sector while in Ireland and the UK, many students will get jobs in the public sector since it is such a larger sector over here. The core group of 20 students in my Masters program come from the UK, Ireland, Canada, Germany, Spain, Japan, China and United States. This is what the Victory Scholarship is all about; embedding oneself in a different country and learning from foreign cultures and viewpoints. This experience will help me grow as a person and is valuable for better understanding the global economy. 

This weekend also marked the first game all of the Scholars could participate in games (minus Caroline). Matt and I were able to contribute to a win for the Ulster Elks and remain atop the Northern Division. I also have to give a shout out to the U16 girls squad that Caroline and I coach. They are currently undefeated and won a tight game on Friday by one point. Great job girls, keep up the hard work!

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