Week 8

November 18th, 2012 | Uncategorized

Great Weekend as a Victory Scholar!!

This week, as Jim said in his blog, has been a very busy week for Jim, Caroline, and I because the academic semester is winding down. We are learning more and more about others’ cultures and traditions through working in group projects with our fellow Irish, British, Chinese, and Spanish classmates. Saying this, it is always great to have a weekend where you can relax, get away from coursework, and do what you enjoy doing.
This weekend was the first weekend Jim and I could compete in the National League of Basketball Ireland for the Ulster Elks. After a hard fought match with a team from Galway (Maree), we were able to pull off the W in the end. It was awesome that Mrs. D, the Maguire girls, Joe Coughlan, Andre, Gretchen, and Brendan were able to come to our first game. Jim and I really appreciated the support and are glad you were able to come!!
Today, we coached our Girls Junior Elks teams (Jim and Caroli

ne-U16 and Me-U13/U14) to really close, well contested games. Unfortunately, the U16s came up short in the end, but they shown tremendous resiliency coming back from down as much as 12 at one point to push the game to overtime. Well done U16s, you will get them next time!! As for the U14 game, we also started very slowly (a trend that our National League and Premier League team has also), but we were able to win in the end because of great teamwork and unselfish play. Great job girls!!
To end our Sunday, we are always welcomed to the Maguires house for a great and proper Sunday dinner, courtesy of Mr. G. No matter win, lose, or draw it is a great time to just relax and reflect on the weekend and look forward to the week ahead. This is the perfect way to end the week with great food, great family, X-Factor Results show, and hot tea, apple crumble, and chocolate. 
As the weekdays go on and on, it is always good to have a weekend to enjoy yourself, enjoy others, and enjoy the things you like to do and as a Victory Scholar, I am doing just that!! Thank you for reading!!


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