Week 10

December 22nd, 2012 | Uncategorized

Ho ho ho!!! 

Just wanted to write a quick note before I head back to the States for the holidays! I can’t believe the first half of this experience is already over ☹ It certainly did fly by. Today was the last training session with my U16 and U18 teams before breaking for Christmas and the New Year. We decided to let the girls play fun games for the hour and we listened to Christmas music the whole time. I think the girls really enjoyed the break from the typical training sessions we usually have. Even though it was a fun day, I was impressed with one particular player who was so excited to show me her shot that she had been working on. She really really wants to be able to shoot 3 pointers but doesn’t have the strength yet. I told her she had to start in close and work her way out. Before she can shoot three’s she has to perfect the closer shots, and I think she’s starting to understand the importance of practice outside of the team trainings. When I got to training this morning, she was so eager to show me what she has been working on. I can’t wait to work with these girls in the New Year. I’m hoping they will have a whole new mentality and really start taking basketball serious. There’s already one girl putting in some extra time, hopefully her effort will rub off on the other girls!

Also, good luck to Caroline in her first game today!!! WOOT WOOT!!! It’s about time! I’m sure your super excited to finally get on the hardwood. Good luck girl!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and very Merry Christmas and happy New Year!



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