Week 10

December 6th, 2012 | Uncategorized

Hey everyone!!

This past week has been very busy, but also very productive and fun also. As Jim, Caroline, and I are ending our 11th week of classes for the semester, we have been working diligently on many projects and papers to complete our modules. The Masters of Business Studies’ coursework we are doing has been very challenging, but very rewarding to us in a way that we are able to apply some of our work to Sport Changes Life and the organization’s day-to-day operations. This rewarding feeling makes doing the coursework more personal to us and more engaged in what we are doing in Sport Changes Life. 

After a long week of schoolwork, we had a weekend off from our schedules so we decided to take a trip to Dublin to meet one of Jim’s friends, Rob who was also there to visit. We took a tour of Croke Park where the Gaelic football, hurling, and camogie championships are played. I didn’t realize how much history was in just that one stadium an

d I really enjoyed the tour they gave us. The one part of America in the stadium was the jersey of the USA’s only official Gaelic football team based in New York (Picture). Although, the tour guide told us that they have a record of something like 0-40, Caroline and I had to take a picture with it. 

Lastly, it is a big weekend in Jordanstown this Saturday and Sunday. My U13 and U14 Junior Girls Elks team has two games this weekend that I am looking forward to. We have improved tremendously over the past couple of weeks in all facets of the game and I can’t wait to coach them!! Also, Jim and I have a huge National Cup game this Sunday that I can’t wait to play in (sorry, Andre). It should be a great atmosphere at Jordanstown as this is the quarterfinal of the tournament. Wish us luck and Thanks for reading!!


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