Week 12

December 2nd, 2012 | Uncategorized

“Can never get complacent”. This phrase can be used when relating to sports or in life in general. This is what I told my u20 players after our long journey to Jordanstown to face a very talented and well coached Belfast Stars. To start the game, my players played great! Knowing that in order to beat the Belfast Stars, they were going to need to play their best ball. They were moving the ball great, making open shots, playing great defense and just playing as a team overall. It was really nice to see everyone in the game contributing to our lead over the Stars. Because of the way we played in the first half, we were up by 13 points over a team that everyone thought we had no business being on the court with. 

Going into the locker room at the half, I tried to stress to my players to not let up, and continue to play how we were which had gotten us the lead up to that point. But as the second half started, I could see immediately that something w

as different. I didn’t see that sense of urgency that we had been playing with in the first half. Players were no longer, diving on the floor for loose balls, and we had players trying to do things on their own, instead of playing as a team. I could see that my players were complacent with just being up at half time. Whenever you are complacent in a match, the other team is always going to have an advantage over you because they are continuously fighting. 

Because of our complacency as a team, its hindered us. The Belfast Stars took advantage and went on a couple runs to eventually get them the win (Belfast 84-Titans 74). In the last couple of minutes my players gained a little sense of urgency because they realized that the needed to do something now or they would have no chance. But by that point, it was too little too late. We needed that edge at the beginning of the half rather than the end. 

Despite the lost, we still played very well for the majority of the game, but it was the complacency as a team that beat us. I told my players, in life if you are complacent, you will only remain where you are while other pass by you, and that is what happened in the game. Hopefully, my players learned from this and will only take something helpful out it.

Thank you for reading my blog this week, now I have get mentally prepared for a draining week of finals ahead. Wish me luck!!


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