January 27th, 2013 | Uncategorized

Hey everyone, just checking in with a few updates.. 
First off, I forgot to mention last saturday the local school colaiste einde (dont quote me on the spelling) u16 girls basketball team I had been helping coach had their very important games we had prepared them for. A couple of my NUIG teammates and I were receiving updates from their school coach and were excited to hear they were winning and “screening like pros”. Unfortunately, they lost in the end… but it was exciting to hear good news and how happy the girls were with winning the first 2 games that weekend– not to mention how refreshing it is to know you’ve helped that team progress in just a handful of trainings. 

Secondly, not only am I proud of the u16s, but the Titans girls I have been coaching played a great Galway league game last Wednesday. After trailing closely for 3 quarters they stayed tough, executed on offense, and managed to send the game into overtime. With 4 seconds left, down by 3, we couldnt convert on our last play and ended up losing. I must say, I am very proud for the effort and the team looks so much better compared to Day 1. 

Lastly, the Saturday morning Titans academy Andre and I help run went very well. Our third session (u16s) we decided to break it up into boys/girls and run our own individual workouts for the first hour. I was excited to put them through my own, personal kind of workout and yet nervous as to how intense or tiring it may be for them, thus becoming disengaged and not want to come back next week. Luckily, the girls I had responded very well to the challenging workout, and even expressed how much they enjoyed it afterward. It has been a very satisfying week of coaching to say the least.


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