February 11th, 2013 | Uncategorized

“Your jumper is wet”

To most Americans this is a compliment when a basketball player’s jump shot is going in often because a swish looks like the splash of a rain drop. I discovered this saying is not common over here. One of my youth Elk players made a few jump shots in our game on Sunday and I gave her some positive feedback by saying her ‘jumper was wet today’. A puzzled look went across her face, and her friend interjected, “that must be why you are feeling sick, you are wearing a wet jumper outside!” See, a ‘jumper’ over here is a sweater, so while I thought I was using ordinary basketball terminology, the girls thought I was concerned they were wearing wet clothes outside.

Other than that it was a great weekend for Elks basketball! There was a tournament on Saturday for the developmental team Caroline and I coach. We finished a very strong second place and the improvement by the girls is vast. Moving the ball, ripping rebounds and communication is improving everyday and it is a rewarding thing to see.

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