Week 15

March 21st, 2013 | Uncategorized

It was a tearful goodbye last night. The eHoop boys and the sheHoop girls were all so supportive wanting to signing my cast and giving me their best wishes. By the end of the night my hands were full of cards, a balloon, chocolates, and gifts to remember my time here. It was extremely moving. Words cannot really explain how I felt last night, I guess in one word it would be “Loved”

I could not be more thankful to have spent my time with these young people. I came over to Ireland to work with at-risk youth and make a difference in there life but it turns out they have my an impact on mine. They have inspired me to keep following my dreams and they made me see that the little things are what matter, just to ask how someone’s day was or to know that is okay to laugh when you workout, they reminded me that life is simple and that all you need to do it smile and laugh.

I know when I get on that plane back to the States with my bum leg, I can go back knowing I was apart of something great, and that is more than I could ask for in this amazing experience  and I have the eHoops/sheHoops program and SCL to thank for that! 

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