Week 22

April 15th, 2013 | Uncategorized

Well we just checked into the hotel! The two and a half hour bus ride down was a chill and laid back one. Now that we’re actually down here in cork, players are now starting to get into “game mode”. Last year the team didn’t do as well as they wanted to do in varsities. So players this year are determined to do better. Can’t wait for tomorrow morning. It’s going to be a good test for us to see how bad we want it this year as a team. That’s it for now, I’ll catch up with you guys after the game to let you know how things went!

Great win this morning over CIT! We looked like a completely different team from a month ago. We were playing together, aggressive and extremely efficient. But we can’t celebrate to much. We got a very much anticipated game tonight against my fellow victory scholars Matt and Jim of the University of Ulster. Our team knows what we got to do, we just go to get it done! I’ll check in with you guys after to let you know how things went!

Got our second win tonight!! It was an extremely exciting game with both teams playing very well. But our team was just able to hold Matt and Jim’s UUJ team off till the final buzzer. We can’t get too happy about this win though. We have to come back tomorrow and continue our great play and beat DBS (Dublin Business School) to advance to the semi-final game. We got to keep it up! I’ll check in with you guys tomorrow!

And we’re into the championship game!! We faced UCD in the semi-finals and beat them pretty handily. As a team we went into the game with a mindset to start off strong and to continue through the game with our great play, which we were able to do. Now just one more game! Tonight we will face a talent UL (University of Limerick). We are extremely excited and anxious for tonight. We have accomplished half of what we wanted I achieve down here in Cork. We are in the championship game, now we have to go out there are get the VICTORY! I’ll check in after the game to let you know the results! Stay tuned!

It was an unfortunate finish to the season, but we still had a lot to be proud of. In the end, we were able to walk out with our heads up. We played hard throughout the whole game, but UL was able to hold us off just long enough. I was fortunate enough to play with a great bunch of dudes. I appreciate all the work that everyone put in throughout the season. Now that the seasons over, and everyone has to part and go their own ways. I wish everyone the best of luck in their future, whether that is in a new job, sports related or another year of school. Thank you for following my blogs this whole weekend. Take care everyone

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