4 Seasons in 1 hour?!

August 14th, 2013 | Uncategorized

What about ye everyone? I have arrived and I could not be any more excited to get this journey started. I was told I would experience all four seasons in one day, however, I never expected to experience all four in an hour on my first day here! I looked at it as being symbolic of my first few days here, getting a little bit of everything Sport Changes Life and Northern Ireland have to offer. I am so thankful for this opportunity and it certainly would not have been possible without everyone in my life back home in the US. 

The Sport Changes Life family and the other Scholars are some really awesome people, we are having such good craic (no mom not that type, it means fun!) However, the most amazing people I met were the EHoops boys. I was totally reliving my glory days during the soccer part and probably ending up sweating more than the boys and there was no way I was getting subbed out! Marc, the man responsible for this awesome website, told me how much it means and how great it was to see these kids smile and having such a great time. That is when I realized why I am here, I don’t look at it as giving my time but rather spending time with these youth and genuinely enjoying their presence. 

Quick little backwards American story, my first time going to workout I should have noted the conversion of kilograms to pounds because I thought I could bench 44Kg dumbells only to be caught in such an immasculating position hollering for help when I soon realized I had nearly 100 pounds in each hand! Anyway, we are off to Dublin this weekend to see the All-Ireland Hurling Semi-Final, meet the U.S. ambassador, and work a 3 day basketball camp. Not a bad first week. As I mentioned before its just like the weather, getting a little bit of everything. Catch up with you soon. 

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